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We are a group of people who believe in spreading positive energy everywhere we go. Our mission is to remind the world of the power of a Smile. It brightens a day, changes an attitude, and is the most powerful expression. Smile Share the Vibe works with people of all ages to encourage “Sharing The Vibe” in every step through life. It not only benefits oneself but also his/her surroundings. Together we work to spread the movement and make this world a happier place one smile at a time. This energy leads to communities coming together and tears down the barriers that separate us. People love to laugh, have fun, and be around similar minded beings.
The movement encourages everyone to get to know each other under a common ground of a Smile. If everyone attempted to love life and be happy on a daily basis our communities would flourish and each one of us would leave a positive impact on the world. This is what drives the movement of Smile Share the Vibe.

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