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7th Annual Surfers For Autism 2104

This event was one for the books! Wow! Smile Share The Vibe met so many great people and witnessed lives changing before everyones' eyes.

Surfers For Autism has been sharing their stoke with austistic children and their parents for 7 years now and each event seems better than the last. If you have never been to an event, they are a MUST (even if you are not a surfer).

SFA has skilled and trained volunteers to take the kids to the waters edge in an attempt to have them surf a wave to the shore. With open arms and some coaxing, the kids jump on the board and paddle out with the "vols" at their side. Sometimes it is difficult to keep an autistic child steady and calm out there in the water, so we appreciate the volunteers' patience and attentiveness when helping these brave children accomplish something they may have never experienced. A set wave comes in and the most unbelievable thing happens with the push of a helper. In what seems like slow motion, the board leaves a volunteer's hand and cruises with the energy of a small wave. In a breathtaking moment, one of those beautiful kids stands up on their feet and SURFS into shore! Unreal.

This reason alone is why Smile Share The Vibe needed to be apart of Surfers For Autism. Don Ryan, the main man behind SFA is a great friend of the Smile crew. If you ever meet him, you'll understand why this event is so successful. His endearing, hardworking, loving, passionate attitude fuels SFA and everyone apart of it. Smile loves you Don!

Thank you fans if you came out to this event and the Smile crew looks forward to the next few SFA events this year. Stay tuned because they will most likely be at some more upcoast. 

 Check out the Gallery below for all of the images from the Smile photobooth! There are some good ones!


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