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{ A big thank you to Helium Creative & C&I Studios }

Good vibes, works of art, a cluster of food trucks, loud music jamming, beautiful brewed beers & friendly faces mixing together the community of fort lauderdale. What more could you ask for? Smile joined along with a variety of artists and exhibitors to put on an event all should attend. The last saturday of every month Helium Creative and C&I Studios collaborate to open up FAT VILLAGE to the mass in supporting the local artists. We showed up in support of the local community and friends with our smiles & camera. Check out the photos from the Smile Photobooth:

One of our own Smiles was featured for Helium Creative's Helium Inspires. Teal was given a chance to share what inspires her as an artist, designer, free spirited sea gyspy, and all around floridian. It's the little things, like photography: an inside peek from her perspective, that make her smile. Here's some of her shots that are displayed in Helium's home for the month of June. We hope you find inspiration from the little things, from the simplest things that make you smile.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared the vibe. This art walk was a vibin' time & we look forward to next month. Come stop by we will be smilin', until then #shareyoursmile & #sharethevibe


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