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"Keep Smiling because life is a beautiful thing & there is so much to smile about!" - World Smile Day

Cheers to World Smile Day :)

We have all been there: a busy street, the park, beach, or the best concert. At the place when some random person, cheeks lifted, full teeth exposed, Smiled! That moment when your day changed, the second you weren’t sure whether to feel awkward or just start jumping jacks of joy. WOW. The power we have, and to just think how much we forget that a simple action of expressing happiness with a smile can change our surroundings.

The first Smiley face (yes the big yellow one we all know) was created by the Harvey Ball a commercial artist in 1963.  It went on to become the most recognizable symbol of good will and positivity in the world.  This symbol is still widely used today and lead to the first World Smile Day in the Worcester Massachusetts, the hometown of Harvey Ball in 1999.

Today is the day to wake up with a Smile and Share the Vibe to everyone you encounter. Go the extra mile to brighten up your surroundings and fill the air with positivity. Think about your co-workers, classmates, associates, or employees and reflect onto them what a wonderful day it is. Compliments, encouragement, laughs, cheers, and love for the world we live in. That is a reason to Smile all the time.

Enjoy today and take note to how wonderful every step of life can be when we remain and reflect positive energy. Apply “World Smile day’s” message and use them throughout your whole life.  This planet is blessed with billions of beautiful souls and it is our actions that make our surroundings bloom. 

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