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World Oceans Day #nobluenogreen

Today is about celebrating the blues of beautiful mother ocean. It supplies life to all of us here on planet earth. There are so many important reasons why we should not only celebrate it, but seriously take care of it. 
This year's theme is Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet.
Not only are we enjoying everything the ocean has to offer everyday, but today all over the world there is action being taken. You can find more information at  or view the press release here. We should really go after stopping the use of plastic. It takes forever to disintegrate and its very hazardous to the oceans wildlife once it breaks into small pieces. If your wondering why is world oceans day so special there are plenty of reasons, below are just a few of the ones that really get our blood pumping.

Why Should we Celebrate World Oceans Day?

The world’s ocean:

  • Generates most of the oxygen we breathe
  • Helps feed us
  • Regulates our climate
  • Cleans the water we drink
  • Offers a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines
  • Provides limitless inspiration!
One of our heros is Sylvia Earle. Her whole heart belongs to the sea. She has been a huge influence in the ocean community her whole life and wishes for the ocean to be taken care of properly. Because if there is no ocean there is no us. There is only about 10% of the big fish left (whales and tuna to name a few). In 50 years or so there is a chance there could be no coral reefs or commercial fishing because there wont be any fish left.
Right now there is still some time, but not much. Within the last year there has been named over 4,000 protected areas. We need to keep this in mind everyday. Cutting back the use of plastic and littering in the oceans will help tremendously. We need the oceans to be not just photographs or paragraphs.
Sylvia stops at nothing for our oceans. She has been working with Google Earth on taking us below the surface. They have started with letting us pratically swim the hawaiian islands. This is just the beginning of what we will be able to see, just from our laptops in our bed on a sunday morning. But of course none of this would be possible with out the love and hard work of Sylvia and many like her.
We hope this inspires you the next time you visit the salty shore, to pick up any trash you may walk by, or just appreciate the ocean that much more. If we dont take care of it there wont be one anymore. Let's do our part and take care of our planet and mother ocean. 
words: teal turner | photos: teal turner & joaquin anico

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