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Father’s Day is this weekend and the question is… What will we do with our dads to show them appreciation on their day? So we have jumped the gun and are spilling the beans on some of the ideas we have developed.

10 things you can do with Dad. So don't sweat it.

1.) The Good Ol Days:

We all have memories of things Dad took us to do when we were young. Take dad to relive a memory you have from your childhood.

  • Go-Carting the first time you beat dad in a race

  • Theme Park to ride your first roller coaster

  • Beach Day building sandcastles or surfing waves

  • Playing Catch in the yard or shooting hoops

  • Go camping and build a fire

  • Take the water ski’s out of the closet and hit the lake

2.) Paintball Wars:

Dads love to team up with their children to accomplish goals. Work with him to try to out smart your opponents and conquer on the field.

3.) Hole in One:

If your dad golfs or doesn’t you can spend some quality time in a round of golf or mini golf. Find your dad’s local favorite course or mini golf and pre-book a tee time to make sure your scheduled. It will be a busy day for the golf course.

4.) Take Me Out To The Ball Game:

Just like you, your dad grew up watching baseball or at least attended a few games. Whether you’re a dedicated fan to your hometown team or one who enjoys a sporting event because of the energy and environment, baseball games are a great place to create a memorable day. Be sure to grab yourself a ballpark dog, cracker jacks, and join dad in singing “Take me out to the ball game.”

5.) Spark up the Grill:

Whether you are a son or a daughter everyone loves to eat. Get the family together and have everyone bring something to throw on the grill. Let Dad work his skills and teach you some techniques.

Yummy grill ideas: Pineapple, Peppers, shish kabobs, Lobster, Cedar plank salmon, shrimp, burgers, Sausages, Corn on the Cob, and pork chops.

6.) Treat Yourself:

Teach your dad the ropes of being pampered. Whether his preference is a full body massage or a pedicure, dad loves to relax. He may put on the brakes at the original thought of the idea, but if you like the sound of this idea yourself, I’m sure you can sway his mind.

7.) Story Time:

Ask dad to go through old pictures and stories of his child hood and memories of raising you. Have dad tell memories of his times in high school and/or college. The fun things, the risqué things, the things maybe mom doesn’t know. Find out what makes your dad cool or unique, why he is the way he is, why he raised you a certain way. Ask questions and be prepared to see parts of yourself being exposed by who your dad is. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

8.) Cheers To You Dad:

Experience a day touring breweries and tasting delicious craft selections. Be sure to use your Uber app and teach dad about how easy is it to have a safe ride for cheap. Be sure to find some amazing food creations at your local gastro pub along the way. Pair the touring with laughs, memories, and priceless moments as the day progresses.


9.) Out On The Water, SUP Dad!:

Rent paddleboards from Nomad Surf Shop or Boca Surf and Sail and hit the beach or lake.

Paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular. Go and explore a natural habitat while getting a great workout and suntan. Be sure to bring your water bottle and a little snack. Depending on your experience and balance maybe grab the spinner rod and do some fishing with Dad.

10.) Teamwork:

Ok if you haven’t figured by now, well my friend we have one last idea.  All of you movement followers who do have another idea post it on our Facebook page in the comments and help all of us come up with the perfect idea for our dad. Regardless of what you do spend time with your family and show your appreciation to the person you call dad. This can be anyone who has placed an impact on your life and the way you live.

Happy Father’s Day! Smile Share The Vibe. Let's fill our father’s with love, laughs, and life as we enjoy Sunday June 21st, 2015. Thanks Dad!

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