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Sharing The Vibe in New Mexico

Lebanese, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, American, and African American you name it I have been blessed to be able to unite with all different cultures. Having a job that consists of traveling 20 days out of the month has allowed me the opportunity to share the vibe with a lot of different cultures throughout the country. Everywhere I go I try and leave a positive impact. Recently I was in New Mexico and on my last day of work I decided to go hike the Sandia Mountain. When I arrived at the top of the mountain I saw a gentlemen that was alone so I decided to introduce myself and ask him if he wanted to go hiking with me. Wow! What an amazing decision I made by stepping out of the norm to make a new friend.
The gentlemen’s name was Stephen Olson, what a great guy! Stephen has been traveling the country alone since December 2014. He started in California and now has moved through New York, Florida, Colorado and currently is in New Mexico. All the way staying in hostels across the country exploring nature and urban areas. We hiked all around Sandia and shared some amazing views while reflecting on what a beautiful world we live in (the pictures speak 1000 words).
When nightfall came, it was time for Stephen and I to go our own ways. Stephen said to me “Carlos you have changed my experience here in New Mexico, I will always remember you from this point on. Your attitude of life is uplifting and I can’t thank you enough for having the courage of coming up to me and asking me to hike with you”. Those powerful words Stephen told me gave me an incredible feeling inside knowing that sharing the vibe is what this world needs more of. Stephen was smiling and sharing the vibe from the start of our hike to the end. I wanted to share this story with the movement as a reminder that we all are human and share one world. Sharing the vibe with each other leads to memories, adventures, and bonds that money cannot buy. These are the small things that make life memorable and hold more value than possessions. I encourage each of you to step out of your norm and make a difference in the world by being you. Your impact will create the waves that propel your surroundings.
 Throughout all my travels I have been blessed to encounter different individuals that I’ve shared the vibe with. Enjoy a few pictures of our Hike.

"Every new friend is a new adventure... the start of more memories." 

- Patrick Lindsay

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