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Being Sustainable Makes Me SMILE

For every oceanic adventurer there comes those few months of the year that its rainy and cold, just not a great time to be out on the water. We long for adventure, long for the excitement of being immersed in nature seeking out something special. Not only fun to pursue but of course something that is sustainable and connects us to the natural world. This passion burns bright throughout the winter months, but what many don’t know, is there is an excellent way to get outside. Usually consisting of getting wet, coming home with something that can excite anyone just as much as catching their biggest fish!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the fungus.

Mushrooms that is, they are delicious, they grow all through the wet season and are amazingly fun to hunt for. Imagine an Easter egg hunt that never ends and has no boundaries. Longing to get outside and dig around the garden for a tasty treat.. Well mushroom foraging is that on the most grandiose of scales ever imaginable. From Black trumpets to Porcini and everything in between. There are so many amazing edible varieties of mushrooms throughout the US (and the world) that are insanely fun to hunt for.

Keep it mind, it takes a keen eye and a dedicate mentality to get yourself knowledgeable about what you are looking for while hunting for mushrooms. Be smart about it, learn the edible species, go with an experienced mushroom hunter and have a blast.

This is off the beaten path stuff, true outdoor adventure, and the best part, if you manage to find your delectable quarry you get to go home and cook up some fantastic meal you couldn’t find in any restaurant made with ingredients you couldn’t find at any grocery store. This kind of adventure really makes me smile.

No longer sit around wishing the sky’s would clear and the rain would stop falling, but rather get outside and do a different kind of very sustainable, delicious and fun way of hunting. And of course don’t forget to SMILE.




words & photos provided by: forrest galante
Forrest Galante | Smile Ambassador & Discovery Channels Naked & Afraid Survivalist, Extreme Adventurer, 3X World Record Freedive Spear Fisherman, Wildlife Biologist. View more information on Forrest here:

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