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Smile x Wanderer x Turtle Bay Eco | Honduras 2016

When we visit all these different places we like to bond with the local people, experience what they experience, leaving a good impact and showing what good energy can accomplish. We bring gifts and good conversations as our way of sharing the vibe. On this trip we visited Cayos Cochinos off the coast of Honduras, thanks to the host Turtle Bay Eco Resort. Two hour plane ride, two hour bus ride, and a two hour boat ride finally got us to our destination. Passing the guarded gate we saw big steel vessels lifted up on blocks with the names princess and my lady written on them. They say that these boats were named after the captains wives or mistresses, and...

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SMILE...It's the good stuff.

We met with the man himself, Zach Deputy in Fort Lauderdale at The Culture Room before his show. We picked his brain on what inspires him, his music and most importantly what makes him smile. Take a look for yourself, he is something your not going to want to miss when he performs in your town. Thanks for joining the movement Zach!  

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Smile x Tanzy x iPic

GOOD PEOPLE DOING GOOD THINGS! We have teamed up with iPic and Tanzy to share the vibe with you. On Monday, May 23, 2016 5-8pm we will be having a gathering with all our friends. Join the movement with us, and share a drink. We would love to meet you!  There is an entrance fee of $25, it will include: 2 drinks and 3 appetizers courtesy of Tanzy. There will also be plenty of raffles to win. The smile team will be releasing the new collection at the party, so you will not want to miss this! Hope to see everyone there! Come and bring some friends.

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