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Smile is in The Exumas Forever!

  On the small Stocking Island in The Exumas of The Bahamas lies the most magical beach bar on the planet, The Chat N' Chill.  The charming and charismatic beach bar boasts the most delectable ribs known to man, vacation style cocktails, and the friendliest staff imaginable. Oh, and did we mention that it’s located on what Martha Stewart called "a dream come true" beach, surrounded by crystal-like, turquoise water and friendly stingrays! This charming wooden venue is a place lovely views, great vibes, and deliciousness all around. Smile Ambassador, Forrest Galante, called it “The best bar in the world”. Seems to be quite the destination to host his wedding, keeping in mind that Galante has traveled to over 40...

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History of Our Tribe Symbol

Share the vibe. Share the vision. One world. One mission. These words are what we stand for; the goal of the movement. Our beliefs and actions have brought together like-minded people to spread positivity. The group has grown larger than our own circle. In the ancient sense, we have become a tribe.   The markings are similar to those of our ancestors. We can learn from their simple task of surviving from day to day. Even in the midst of the “eat or be eaten” chaos, someone took the time to create. Someone, somewhere drew the very first symbols, and they lit up the darkness. We are still passing the light on. Art and symbolism have opened a world of...

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Sharing The Vibe in New Mexico

When nightfall came, it was time for Stephen and I to go our own ways. Stephen said to me “Carlos you have changed my experience here in New Mexico, I will always remember you from this point on. Your attitude of life is uplifting and I can’t thank you enough for having the courage of coming up to me and asking me to hike with you”. Those powerful words Stephen told me gave me an incredible feeling inside knowing that sharing the vibe is what this world needs more of.

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