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Albert - the 70 year old Lobster continues to Share the Vibe.

After a long, incredible day of shooting huge yellow tail, swimming with a hammerhead (that does not belong in the California Channel Islands) and enjoying the company of old friends they decided to renter the ocean for yet another few hours to chase some of California's most delicious quarry - the spiny lobster. What they found was something no one ever expected. It sure did make us smile though. History in the making with Forrest yet again.

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"Keep Smiling because life is a beautiful thing & there is so much to smile about!" - World Smile Day

Cheers to World Smile Day! We have all been there: a busy street, the park, beach or the best concert. At the place when some random person, cheeks lifted, full teeth exposed, SMILED! That moment when your day changed, the second you weren't sure whether to feel awkward or just start jumping jacks of joy. Its our job to celebrate this holiday with you on another level. So get those cheeks ready, cause after today they are going to hurt.

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